Ionic 1 Push not emitting inside app

I am able to recieve push notification just fine on iOS and Android but when I try and handle the push inside my app listing for ‘cloud:push:notification’ I get nothing. I placed the code in my main controller for the entire app and it is being run just the broadcast I am supposed to listen for is either never sent or just not being caught. I placed in some debug code to log all emits within the app and I am seeing all the emits but never seeing the cloud push broadcast. Any help would be great!

$scope.$on('cloud:push:notification', function(event, data) {
  var msg = data.message;
  alert(msg.title + ': ' + msg.text);

I have the same problem.

My app was Ionic version 1 and the notifications worked well, I followed all the migration steps, and it works only when the app is closed/background.

My app is Ionic 1, I updated to the latest CLI 2.0.0, delete all references to the ionic-platform-web-client.

I place the listener to the ‘cloud:push:notification’

$scope.$on(‘cloud:push:notification’, function(event, data) {
var msg = data.message;
alert(msg.title + ': ’ + msg.text);

Use this different method to handle the notification on my controller, or where I have to put this method ?:

$ionicEventEmitter.on(‘push:notification’, function(data) {

After trying all this, nothing works for me, does anyone have any solution?

I was able to fix this by removing the ionic cloud files and reinstalling them. For my situation I think I got a bad version of the cloud file.

I removed the ionic cloud and the phonegap-plugin-push and I installed them again, but the problem persists.