$ionicPush: Android device doesn't receive notifications

I’m trying to get working the push notifications on my Ionic project…I followed the instructions from here exactly and Postman works just fine and I receive a success response but no notifications appear on a real device…

Some status from my project:
Ionic 1.7.15

So, I’m very confused about a little things…
Is Google Cloud Messaging free? May I need a real Google Cloud Platform account to make this works?

This is the answer when I make a Postman Petition:

{“data”: {“uuid”: “d3614ce6-3331-40af-9a02-cad8f5d94672”, “app_id”: “4609b7a3”, “state”: “enqueued”, “created”: “2016-09-19T11:55:56.199446+00:00”, “status”: “open”, “config”: {“notification”: {“message”: “This is my demo push!”}, “profile”: “dev”, “tokens”: [“doxmByioBo0:APA91bFkhMoe-UTXllNIWJOSuI2ACEcHCXrubElPBn5DZ2rWkaY-Hy-d1ZhKEtWDT217TKy2T9nwOw4ZirLeRHedhYe83o98RbPyRCQUT8Cbw-Iw21cPUDhVpxZHKybqwc0FEMUyDArA”]}}, “meta”: {“version”: “2.0.0-beta.0”, “request_id”: “38b65cec-498f-4cb9-b34d-faeb039a981d”, “status”: 201}}