Ionicon ion-looping not spinning on Android

Hey guys, I created a ionic application and I’m trying to deploy it with Phonegap. I added:

.constant('$ionicLoadingConfig', {
    template: '<i class="icon ion-looping" style="font-size:300%"></i>'

to have a spinner instead of text. On iOS everything works fine, but on Android the icon is not spinning, its just static.

Any ideas?

+1 on this, I’ve got a similar problem.
Put a spinner in the template, on iOS it’s all fine, Android is just a static icon.

Just a little update: on Android 4.0-4.3 SMIL animations are not working, so we should use the “android” spinner, which is the one also available via JavaScript animation (as stated in the docs

Each spinner uses SVG with SMIL animations, however, the Android spinner also uses JavaScript so it also works on Android 4.0-4.3.

So, I think we could change the request in “Can you make the other spinners as JavaScript, too?”