Ion spinner wrong on android

ion-spinner shows as a full circle on android and the mobile chrome browser although it looks right on the desktop browser.

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I had the same problem on Android 6.0.1 and it turned out to be an animation issue:

so is there a temporary fix for that?

There is a workaround, according to the following comment in Github:

Setting refreshingSpinner to circles works, but it seems that the default spinner has some animation problems.

yes I have read that but I am not using the refresher directive. I am just using a simple

Edit: found it! the way to change the spinner is in the code documentation

You can just specify the animation that you want using the name attribute:

<ion-spinner name="circles"></ion-spinner>

Hey is this possible ?
<ion-spinner name="android"></ion-spinner>

Like the one in Ionic 1
<ion-spinner icon="android"></ion-spinner>

Or has it been removed?? as i don’t see it in the docs…