$ionicModal does not let me to post a form twice


Hey there!

I am in the middle of creating an app and I have a page that has two modals that pop up on a click event ( each event is named differently of course ).

First modal works totally fine and it is name $scope.modal and the other one is named $scope.modalSecond

First modals function is to update users info ( goes to a post service and does its job there ) and eveyrhing is fine with that modal , but I wanted to mention it here since it might effect the second modal.

Second modals duty is to have a form, and when I am done it will create a post with title , google map and a few other fields. And then on the page I iterate over those posts. Now the problem is that I fire up the second modal for the first time after I reload the page, and it works fine , it goes to a Post service and creates a post. When I fire up the modal to create another post and I enter all of the data and I click done it does not even go to a submit function.

Anyone has an idea why ?


Solution to the problem was pretty simple ( as usual :slight_smile: ). I actually added a function for submit on the postData object that was being called on ngSubmit and inside of the function I wiped out all of the postData with it I wiped out the function itself and thats why it was not being called :smile: