Ionic 2 Failed to push to another page from Forms in Modal

<form [formGroup]="variation" (ngSubmit)="onSubmit()">
  <ion-list radio-group formControlName="color" *ngFor="let option of options">

  <ion-item *ngFor="let opt of option.options">
    <ion-radio value="{{opt}}"></ion-radio>
    <!--<ion-input type="text" formControlName="color" name="color" value=""></ion-input>-->
<button class="custom-button" block (click)="goToCart()">Submit</button>

Above is my forms in modal
I failed to push to another page from Forms in Modal after I clicked submit button.
Below is my push to another page method

goToCart() {

Below picture is after I clicked submit button in the form, the modal only slided half

Maybe share some more code or make a simple demo and push it to github.

There’s not enough there to figure our what is going on.

This is the code:

This app include first page that allow to click and open modal. You click the open modal button.
After that you click submit button and go to cart page.
Now you at cart page, when you click the side menu, it won’t open.
I viewed the browser console pane, showed no error(s).

This example behaved differently than my first issue but I guess these are similar issues.

I can confirm this happens in my app as well.

As a work around, I need to do the following to navigate to a different page:

  1. dismiss viewCtrl (the form modal)
  2. chain on 1). viewCtrl.dismiss().then( ()=>this.parentNav.setRoot(goNext)) <= the nav from the parent, if you use the injected navCtrl from the viewCtrl, the app breaks horribly