Ionice web app showing as desktop in mobile

I am creating a webapp for smartphones using latest version of Ionic and a dark theme. When I test the app in the browser, activating the browser’s mobile mode, it looks perfectly:

Then, I run:

ionic build

upload the content of www folder to my hosting and then load the app from my smartphone (iPhone SE2), and shows like is running on a desktop browser:

What am I missing here ?


Have you tried testing on the device directly, before uploading to your host, to see if you see the same thing as the web app on the host?

Another thing you can try is pressing the AA on the address bar and press Request Mobile Website if it says so.

I just created a small static webserver in a docker container using a Express.js based image, and from there the app looks perfect from my phone:

Then I decided to try using my company’s shared host, and it also worked as expected. … so the problem is being caused by Amazon AWS S3 bucket itself, somehow.

Anyway, thanks for your suggestion.

That’s a very weird particular problem. I never had that happen to me, but I have never used AWS (I mean set it up from zero to be specific) personally, so I can’t help you further. I have used Azure web apps and Firebase, and it works as expected.

Try to upload to another service like (they have a free tier) or another cloud service like AWS and maybe check if that happens there too (Something like Azure or Digital Ocean)

Edit: Just remembered I had uploaded an app to Firebase in the past (Angular) and looks exactly as I expect it to on an iPhone 12 Attendance Log Tracker

Running that app on the browser, cordovajs and capacitorjs gives the same experience to the user, as far as I know.