$ionicActionSheet displaying wrong format

After upgrading ionic framework to latest release candidate, $ionicActionSheet has started misbehaving. It shows correct format with colors etc when displayed in Chrome browser using ionic serve but when I install the App on Android device it displays a plain white background for $ionicActionSheet.

Here are both samples. Any one has any clue?


I also met, but do not know how to solve! :sweat:

See my response to my own question here:


Hope that helps :smile:

As I found out when I asked, this is part of the move toward Material Design for Android. If you look at the ionic CSS file, you will see android specific values for actionsheets. I spent a whole evening trying to figure out why my actionsheet looked “ugly” (thinking I did something wrong) when in fact it is intentional:


And I spent full three days to figure out what went wrong, including re-writing my project from scratch :frowning: