How could I change the actionsheet background to another color?


I already tried this way but it did not work:

$base-background-color: #210607 !default;

how to use the custom CSS with the actionsheets?

thx in advance

.action-sheet-options, .action-sheet-group {
    background: #DDD;


thanks for your attention but still not working. still white.


It’ll need to be placed after the or put the !important tag after #DDD, try inspecting the element in Chrome and modifying the styles that way, if you know how to use the Dev Tools :slight_smile:


Ok, with Important, it worked perfect for iOS and WP but not for android. Am I forgetting something else?

.platform-android .action-sheet-group {
    background: #DDD !important;


cool. thanks for your help and your patience.