Ionic6 - capacitor backup sqlite db to user google drive

I want to implement a sync with google drive i am using ionic 6 and capacitor 4, i didn’t find a tutorial for this. And i have another question is it posible to backup automatically without prompt to user to enter his credentials absolutely first time yes but after this so i can make it automatically backup the app data to his google Drive.

No, this sounds like a security risk. Backing up users data to google drive is a No No.

Maybe i didnt explain what i need in correct way,

Absolutely i will take user permission and credentials to access his google drive what i want to make something like whatsapp it automatically backup chats to my google drive it prompt a access permission at start.

I am serching over the internet to backup my database to user google drive but i can’t find anything please could you team put me in right direction

you wont find anything because this is a security issue…

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This link might help you to find your answers

So how whats app doing it ?, most android apps save a backup to user’s google drive.

WhatsApp is a native app not hybrid.

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