Ionic4 images from browser/desktop

Hey guys

I am builiding a app right now, which should work on android, ios and on the browser. I want to make it possible that the user can upload images into the app, which works perfectly fine on Android and IOS with the Ionic Image Picker PlugIn. The problem right now is to upload images from the browser because I need access to the FileSystem of the desktop. The Image Picker Plugin doesn’t work with the browser.

I tried this in the HTML File:

ng-container *ngIf="this.isDesktop === true"> 
                        <input  style="display: none" type="file" (change)="getImagesDesktop($event)" #fileInput>
                        <ion-button (click)="">FileSystem</ion-button>

And in TypeScript this:

 public getImagesDesktop(event) {
    this.imageResponse = [];
    this.selectedFile =[0];
    this.imageResponse.push('data:image/jpeg;base64,' + this.selectedFile);


But that doesn’t seem to work, because I need the image coded in base64.