"Ionic4 connection refused " please help me how to solve

Please help anyone.

What you tried or which plugin you are using, without any code. How people can tell you solution on your issue?

thanks for your reply , i think you want say "Connection refused error " comes depend on plugin.

Are you testing in mobile device?

yes i am testing in mobile device. This problem not come just, it’s come after 2-3hours.

Remove platform add it again then build and test again

i have applied this method, also delete debug_apk multiple time but same problem.

Inspect device app using chrome inspect

This problem comes when i remove data cable.

Then do not remove cable while testing

Thanks for your reply @gokujy . But try to understand 24*7 you will connected with your system? If u generate debug_apk , and installed your device error" net:: ERR_connection refused ", what will you do?

It’s because you are connecting to localhost, localhost it’s only accessible from within your computer, an app it’s a client on another device, you dont have access to localhost. In this case you are trying to access localhost on your device (smartphone or tablet), it’s because you have connection refused,

Thanks @Stefano1964 . i am not understanding , please explain simple example.