Ionic3 with IonicPage and two different router levels

Hi @mhartington I saw your beautiful example for star-track-ionic and sow there your lazy loading implementation and that you have done there something I like to do also, but you didn’t implement anything and I’m not sure which is the right aproche to do that.

I would like to have my app component which is stupid and have a simple ion-nav component where I would like to load my MainPage with menu (which is your MenuPage) or If I’m not logged on I would like to load another page wich is the LoginPage.
As your MenuPage my MainPage has another ion-nav component where I load all the other pages I need.

In your example you always load the MenuPage and after you are there, you never will go back. But in my case if I have a LogoutButton from Menu in MainPage on which I would reload LoginPage for First ion-nav.

So how can I handle this, or how do you intend to resolve this in ionic?

thx you very much!

For the world here is the project :slight_smile: