Ionic2 Log in and


I am creating an App with Ionic2 and the requirement is -

  • the app when first loaded will show a Log In page and when logged in
  • will have a Side-Menu enabled pages

The starter project shows that the Side Menu as the root of the app and loads first before any other page is open - then it loads the other related pages.

How can I build an app that Loads Log In page first and then set the Side Menu as the main navigation and never shows up the Log In screen??

Hello All,

kind Attn [vahid najafi & Aish123]

I tried something more easy and I found it working.

  • I set the LogIn page as the root when the app first loaded - and I removed ‘menuToggle’ button from this template.

  • Then I imported the Component I want to redirect to after successful Log in

  • I created a singIn function in LogInPage class as follows:

      signIn (){    
          let navRef ='nav');    

and it worked like a charm

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I did tabs… how do I logout then??? I tried it but the tabs still remain…

I have the same sort of app flow with the login and side menu. I also use tabs too. I used the setPages method in login function.

nav.setPages([{page: SideMenu}], {animate: true});

And for logout this for the logout fiction.


Have you tried to create a separate Component for log In ?

Or you can use a Modal for logging in … when users open the app - the code will check if the user is already logged in or not. Depending on the response - users can be directed to navigate inside the app.