Ionic3: InAppBrowser cannot be injected in Service provider (only iOS)


I ran into this problem with the InAppBrowser Plugin (@ionic-native/in-app-browser) after I tried to refactor a feature of my app. I extracted a part of the functionality of a page to a service provider.

In Android everything still works fine, but iOS execution is stopped right after the splash screen is shown with following error:

“ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: InAppBrowser”

(line number pointing to the constructor arguments of my new service provider)

constructor of my service provider

        private localizationService: ILocalizationService,
        private basketService: IBasketService,
        private iab: InAppBrowser,
        private platform: Platform,
        private injector: Injector
    ) {}


      provide: 'ICheckoutService',
      useClass: CheckoutService,
      deps: [ 'ILocalizationService', 'IBasketService', InAppBrowser, Platform, Injector ]

Before I had the 3 constructor arguments injected in a Page/Component, where it worked perfectly fine…
I know I could go back to the last version of the code, but that component was seriously cluttered, a refactoring had to be done.

I have absolutely no clue what’s wrong and where it may fail and I would be very appreciative of any pointers or hints.

I already tried removing/reinstalling the plugin, same with the ios platform… even deleted the node_modules and reinstalled all npm packages which did nothing :confused:

Thanks in advance!