Ionic3 + Firebase phone auth on iOS

Hi! Anyone use ionic3 + firebase phone auth?

On android, I can make it,
However , on iOS, it can get the verify no. By google’s sms, but after insert the verify , it nothing happens…

Does anyone can make it ?
Thanks a lot

I don’t know why can’t get any “verificationId” , can anyone tell me that, Thanks a lot

In case you haven’t resolved this, this should help…

window.FirebasePlugin.verifyPhoneNumber(phonenumber, 60, (credential)=> {
        if (credential.verificationId)
          env.verificationId = credential.verificationId; //android
          env.verificationId = credential;  //ios
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Dear @obinnae
Thank you very much,

Can you tell me, what plugin you use it for that code ?
Thanks so so much


The Firebase plugin, cordova-plugin-firebase (

Good luck!

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Dear @obinnae

Thank you very much


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Did you get this working @ivan5182?

not yet, just know why , but can’t fix it

Could you please post the log from the xcode terminal after you use “firebaseAuthentication
.verifyPhoneNumber()” function