Auth phone number firebase

I use plugin cordova-firebase-plugin to auth with phone number is my code:
(window).FirebasePlugin.getVerificationID("+573123456789", id => {
console.log("verificationID: " + id);
this.verificationId = id;
}, error => {
console.log("error: " + error);
but when i run on android phone i had error: invalid action!
anyone help me resloved this problem?thanks so much!

Any reason to not use ?

hey,because it dose not finish ,so it not support auth with phonenumber

And what about using AngularFire2 ? It seems to support experimental support for phone authentication.

i have tried use it,but it only support on browser.anyone help me! seems there’s an active open issue about your error.

Any one help me.I try many way but does not work