Auth phone number firebase


I use plugin cordova-firebase-plugin to auth with phone number is my code:
(window).FirebasePlugin.getVerificationID("+573123456789", id => {
console.log("verificationID: " + id);
this.verificationId = id;
}, error => {
console.log("error: " + error);
but when i run on android phone i had error: invalid action!
anyone help me resloved this problem?thanks so much!


Any reason to not use ?


hey,because it dose not finish ,so it not support auth with phonenumber


And what about using AngularFire2 ? It seems to support experimental support for phone authentication.


i have tried use it,but it only support on browser.anyone help me!

#6 seems there’s an active open issue about your error.


Any one help me.I try many way but does not work