Ionic2 Takes Too long time to build changes

I am a new in ionic 2 ,And from the first time dealing with it in the startup app
its takes too long time to build and preview the changes some time it make it in 6 min
How ever on the same system Ubuntu 16.4 I use angular 2 projects and the compilation takes approximately no time to load changes
What is the problem ?!

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So there are a few things that could be the issue here.

  1. Is that a full system or just Ubuntu in a VM? If this is in a VM, the system resources could be limited, which results in a slower build
  2. By default the build process generates full source maps back to the TS src. This is something we went back and forth about, and the community was very strong on wanting full source maps.
    These take some time to build because of the build process. You could try change them to the quicker method by setting this in your package.json
  "config": {
    "ionic_source_map_type": "eval",
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It,s not a VM ,It’s my main OS :slight_smile:
I will try this solution

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There is No change for building time it still talks more than 6 min or even more

what do you have for ram?

4G Ram is that ok or not ?!

How old is the machine and what cpu is it? It’s unlikely on linux but do you have any special disk monitoring such as Anti-Virus? Fresh build of a complex app takes 28s but I’ve seen it take 45s.

My laptop is DELL Vostro With core i3 and 4 G Ram
Using ubnutu 16.04 on it
the app is vary simple it just the starter app for ionic 2
However angular 2 projects is working well on the same machine

I am too facing the same issue with my laptop
prcoessor = AMD A8 Pro-7150B
and RAM 8GB
OS :Windows 10

Yeah, sometimes typescript compiler (tsc) goes nuts and fills the memory fast. @mhartington 's solution helped a bit. Chrome is heavily using ram and I feel like when reloading the page of the app too many times it quickly spikes the ram.

[Ubuntu 14.10 x64, 4GB Ram, Ionic 2.2.0, Typescript 2.2.1]

if you simply copy paste the above, the comma after “eval” generates an error, as it’s not a valid json file