Ionic2 - New Date() issue on device/simulator

Hello folks!
I’ve a problem with Date Ionic2.

I have a simple object with a property of Date type.

export class Invoice { constructor( public id: number, public kind: string, public is_paid: boolean, public name: string, public description: string, public amount: number, public date: Date, public dateString: string, public image: string, public image_note: string) { } }

When I create an instance of “Invoice” I use this format:

let invoice1 = new Invoice(1, "active", false, "John Smith", "First Invoice", 300, new Date("06-07-2015"), "07/06/2015", null,"Note");

On browser with ionic serve all works like charm, but on device and simulator I’ve an error on the date object with an Invalid Date message.

I’ve tried to use new window.Date() but I’ve a typescript error
Error TS2339: Property 'Date' does not exist on type 'Window'.
and the app is simply blank.

Any advice? Any further fix?

Thanks all!

Ok sorry my fault, I create date with wrong format.
The correct format is Date(“2016-08-04”);

I find JavaScript native Date objects virtually useless. You might be interested in moment.js.