Is there a way to make a new Date with date and time?

<ion-grid style="height: 100%">
      <ion-row justify-content-center align-items-center style="height: 100%">
            <ion-label>To be done by:</ion-label>
            <ion-datetime displayFormat="MM/DD/YYYY" [(ngModel)]="task.dueDate"></ion-datetime>

            <ion-datetime displayFormat="hh:mm a" [(ngModel)]="task.dueTime"></ion-datetime>


          <button ion-button block color='dark' (click)="goToPledgePage()">Confirm Time</button>

In my ts file, I would like to make a new Date with the information I got. I've been stuck googling this for two days. Please help :(

date-fns has setXXX methods allowing you to modify each field of a Date.

Is there a native way to do it?