Ionic2 ion-option with FormBuilder not displaying default option on view load


When using FormBuilder to add a default value and validation to an ion-select input, the default value does not get displayed on page load if there is a variable inside the ion-option tag. It is, however, selected and will send with the form submit.

If you click the ion-select and then click OK, the option appears correctly. However, it should appear when the view loads

I was able to reproduce this in the following plunker on RC4:

I made three examples:

  1. ion-select with ion-option with variable - which fails
  2. normal select without variable - works
  3. ion-select without variable in ion-option - works

Anyone run into this issue or know of a workaround?


At first glance, it looks like an Ionic bug, and perhaps related to #8561.


Thanks so much. Yes, it appears it is the same issue. I’ll follow that bug ticket.