Ionic2: Ion-Input Not Showing

Hello, I really like Ionic 2 and and wanting to make this work, but am having trouble here. I am creating a table to display some information where I have a description in the left column, and then an amount in the right column. This is the idea of the code for that:

          <ion-col width-80>
          <ion-col width-20>
                <ion-input type="number" [(ngModel)]="ingredient.quantity"></ion-input>

When I build (or even just ionic serve), the whole row is missing. If I replace the ion-input with a regular input, there is no problem with the display. However, when I build on a device, the regular input causes the screen to jump A LOT when entering and exiting it while the ion-input handles it much nicer. With this in mind, the ion-input is necessary to use.

I have created this video to show the issue as well:

Does anybody have any ideas?

Your video is marked as private btw