Ionic input not working in ionic view on iPad, works in ionic serve


The issue I am having is the input works in Ionic Serve but not in Ionic View app. Select edit icon on grid calls returnEdit with key field of list. ReturnSQLService.getReturnItem uses the key field to return the selected item from the list.

The iPad allows me to get focus in the field at the right of the number and shows the keyboard but you cannot input data. If I remove the ng-model=“returnItem.ReturnQuantityPiece” the iPad allows input. Or if I change it to another field. What could be causing this.



.controller(‘returnEditCtrl’, [’$scope’, ‘$stateParams’, ‘ReturnSQLService’, ‘$state’, // The following is the constructor function for this page’s controller. See
// You can include any angular dependencies as parameters for this function
// TIP: Access Route Parameters for your page via $stateParams.parameterName
function ($scope, $stateParams, ReturnSQLService, $state) {

    $scope.$on('$ionicView.beforeEnter', function (event, viewData) {
        viewData.enableBack = true;
    $scope.returnItem = ReturnSQLService.getReturnItem($stateParams.ItemID);
    $ = function () {
        ReturnSQLService.upsertReturnItem($scope.returnItem.ReturnQuantityPiece, $scope.returnItem.ReturnQuantityPack, $scope.returnItem.ReturnQuantityCase, $scope.returnItem.ReturnQuantityPieceDamage, $scope.returnItem.ReturnQuantityPackDamage, $scope.returnItem.ReturnQuantityCaseDamage, $scope.returnItem.TransactionID, $scope.returnItem.ItemID, $scope.returnItem.BatchID)

    $scope.cancel = function () {
        alert('Changes not saved!')