Ionic2 + Firebase Auth


I’ve setup Firebase (SDK 3) and Ionic2. It works fine in the browser, but in the emulator I can’t pass the login process.
I can authenticate with Facebook but I get stuck in the callback to the firebase auth handler…

I’ve added allow-navigation href="*" to my config.xml.

Any ideas to fix this?
I can’t seem to find any errors in the logs.

Just checking if you got this working? I’m having similar issues.

did you see my example here to get you headed in the right direction @chris012543 @rgpinto

@chris012543 No, I got pass the location.protocol error by editing the firebase SDK but after that it stays the same.

@aaronksaunders I was trying to avoid more external dependencies since firebase already has the methods to fetch the credentials. I’ll have to go with ionic native until firebase fixes this, which will be a while (see Firebase Github Issue). Thanks.

@rgpinto i have used both approaches… ionic-native and the FB javascript library. The issue I personally had with ngOAuth approach is that there is not access to the APIs.

Also the Issue you referenced indicates that when Firebase does resolve the issue, the solution will still require an external dependency since you will need to install the plugins for it to work.

I believe that I would only need InAppBrowser plugin. The rest should work fine once FB fixes the bug.