Ionic 2 + AngularFire 2 + Facebook Auth

Hi all,

I have started an Ionic 2 project and based it on this youtube video to setup Angularfire and Auth.

  • I have setup Facebook auth in my Firebase.
  • I have setup firebaseAuthconfig in app.ts like this:
    firebaseAuthConfig({ method: AuthMethods.Popup, provider: AuthProviders.Facebook }),

and in the browser with ionic serve this works perfectly.

But on my android device this doesn’t work.
AuthMethods.Redirect does not work either.

Any help?

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Solved it, for everyone having the same problem, you need the cordova inapp browser.

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-inappbrowser@1.1.0


@alexciesielski Did you manage to get this working just by adding only this plugin with the latest ionic? Because I’ve tried but it doesn’t work for me