Ionic2 and Electron - possible to port existing Electron app into Ionic2?

I’m new to Ionic, so I’m looking for some guidance.
I’ve written an Electron application that currently relies on a custom Node.js addon and some Node.js plugins. I’m also currently using Boostrap (although by no means married to it).
There’s considerable interest in having a mobile version of this application. I understand that, of course, the node.js stuff will not work, but is it possible to segregate the imports and such so that I can build the application for both Android and Windows?

Thanks for the help!

I used webpack to build my app and was able to get electron + ionic 2 (beta) + webpack work well. Since ionic 2 RC, i have been struggling to get the app working.

ionic-app-scripts doesn’t handle node.js modules. I’m looking for answers too.

Does anyone have boilerplate using electron + ionic 2 (RC version) that works well?

Appreciate your help!!

Me to, I had the optimistic hope that I could run Electron apps on IOS/Android with some tweaks using Capacitor, When setting it up with standard configurations I get errors everywhere where there’s references to electron API’s and I can’t find any guides which seems to cover the topic anywhere. If anyone knows about a successful solutions, then please share:-)