Ionic wrapper for custom plugin and node_module folder

Hi there,

I have a custom plugin and I’m using ionic 5 with Angular 11. I followed the steps to create an Ionic wrapper from ionic-native/ at 6c99c3be03152de44cb8fa6683fcf0f32eed19a1 · ionic-team/ionic-native · GitHub and everything worked fine so far.

My question is regarding copying the content generated from dist folder into node_modules. (step “Testing your changes”). Is there a way that when doing npm install the folder doesn’t get deleted from the node_modules?

I do have a Devops pipeline to generate Android and IOS builds with each Git commit so the jenkins job will run npm install every time which will delete the wrapper code.

I guess I can add a command in jenkins job that after npm install to copy the folder back again into node-modules but I was hoping I can place something in package.json or somewhere to solve this situation.

Perhaps npm link would be useful?