IONIC WordPress JWT Authentication will work with nginx


I have buy ionic wordpress news app with following documentation:

I have follow all steps in documentation, and all most functions inside app work well, only problem that i have is with comment and profile pages.

After registration user is able to comment, but every comment made from app will have author username guest.
In wordpress, author name will show as anonymous:

Also, user is not able to change username or email inside app.

Author say that is some permission error.

At this page: author use JWT Authentication for WP REST API

We use NGINX server that don’t have .htaccess, so we contact our hosting provider and they say:

we use an NGINX server and have no restrictions regarding the specified header, so there is theoretically no need to add the specified code.

For each security, we’ve added the specified header to all servers, so if it still doesn’t work it’s not related

At this moment, am not sure what i can do…

After couple hours at google, i see that many nginx servers use JWT authentication…

Is anyone face with similar problem?

Thank you!

Community support forums aren’t really designed to deliver support for third-party app vendors. If the people you paid aren’t willing to help you, I would suggest asking for your money back.

One of the reasons JWT is better than old-school session cookies is that it’s totally independent of the webserver being used. My app suites use NGINX to serve both the app code and as a frontend for middleware that authenticates using JWT. There is no JWT-specific configuration required for NGINX - it simply passes the Authorization header to the middleware, which is what decides if it’s valid or not. Hope that information helps you.

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Hi Robert,

I know there is a very large number of Ionic users, and it is not possible to provide support for all of them.

Developer of app is very busy, i will not like to press him…
So, i will try to do whatever i can from my side

Is it possible to do some debugging?
Will debugging help us to fine where is problem?

I am not a developer, but i like to learn different things, at this moment i have some free time, and i think this is great way to spend my free time, learn simething.

Best Regards!

That’s the way to go…
But also consider this…

Does it matter to you if the app works or not? Do you have the time and skill to get it to work as a commercial service or product if need be?..

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I will use this app for myself.
For my news portal :slight_smile:

In that case I would suggest using that time to go through the Tour of Heroes. It’s free, and the skills you’ll learn and code you’ll write will be yours - those are the sorts of efforts I like to support.

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I still working on this, it is some problem at JWT authorization with wordpress:

How we can make icons at round menu bigger?
This last icon (blue and white):
Is much smaller then maps, phone or messages icon.

Yes,I stat.

Thank you!!