Ionic WKWebview makes app freeze in iOS 9


I installed the WKWebview from driftyco Github page and my app runs normally in ios 10. However, when I installed the app on iOS 9, the app freezes at the splash screen.

I read about the ATS and in my info.plist, I have this value


My and tags are also set to *.

What else do I need to do to make WKWebview work?

I also noticed an error “DOM Exception 18: An attempt was made to break through the security policy of the user agent.”


Any solution for this?


@daveglassapp, could you make it working? I am having similar problems with WKWebView.


@daveglassapp, just for the record, I finally got the WKWebView problem working. I could only resolve it after executing these instructions step-by-step.


No luck. So did you remove ios platform and re-install it then remove all plugins and reinstall it?


No, I Just followed the installation steps in the link I have sent you. But removing and reinstalling platform/plugins is also a good shot.


Sounds like a CORS issue. Try adding * for Access-Control-Allow-origin. If Don’t have access to server then try creating ur own service and add * for ACAO. If this service works then changes required service side.