Ionic without using internet

Is there any possible way to create/start a ionic project without using normal internet connection?

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after you have installed ionic-cli and added platforms and plugins you do not need internet.

But there is the possbility where you are not using the ionic cli --> download only the ionic framework and handle it like you are creating a website.

Okay sir, Can you Please explain the possibility method sir… And There is no possibility of creating an ionic project without internet right sir …??

yeah because you initially need the sources from somewhere?

But you can download only the framework, without the whole cli stuff:

and work offline with that sources like programming a web project local and offline.

But in the same way you can create your project over the cli if you are online… and after that you can work offline

Thank you for the reply as soon i posted my concerns sir… I will look onto it and sir please keep in touch… if you find any new solutions for the concern please inform me…