Ionic with stripe checkout integration(custom)

I have the following code in my ionic 2/3 app which is working fine in terms of getting the token id and showing it in the console.log.

this.tK = null;

if (this.validate()) {{
name: ‘XXXXXX’,
description: ‘XXXXXXXXXXX’,
email: xxxx,
amount: xxxxx,
token: function (token: any){
console.log(" " +;
} // if (valid)

However, I seem to be missing something. After getting the token, I need to send it to my server. In my case I use a service like ( this.paymentService.postOrder(){…} ) to post the, order details, and shipping info to my server. However, I can not seem to get the callback function to work. if I do this:

token: function(token:any){

I get an error saying it can’t call property postOrder of undefined. Any other function I try to call in this callback errors out saying the functionName is not a function. Nothing I have tried seems to work. I’m sure the problem is syntax with respect to how I’m trying to call it. But I’m stuck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Use ionic-native. If you insist on doing this the hard way, never type the word “function” inside of one. Always use lambdas and arrow functions.

You’ve had good experiences with it? It was in beta the last time I thought about incorporating it, looks to be out of beta now. I guess it’s going on the todo list!

@repropos Being new to ionic I suppose I am making a lot of errors. I tried for several days to use Ionic Native Stripe. I was able to successfully get the token. However, I ran into a problem and maybe you can help.

I could not figure out how to get the validation functions such as validateCardNumber working with the client-side. For instance, the form should be able to check whether the card number is in valid format before sending to Stripe to get a token. In other parts of the form, I am using the validation examples as given by Josh Morony at

He gives examples on creating a custom validator. I assumed we could use this to include the stripe validators but I was unsuccessful with the format he gave.

Bottom line, can you provide some direction as to how to incorporate the Stripe validators? Do I need to scrap the validation scheme as use an onBlur instead? Any ideas would be helpful as I am stuck.

Can the ionic-native plugin be used for charging credit cards? I don’t see any info on the plugin website about charging - it only shows how to save card info and create a token.

any updates for how to charge stripe native plugin from my ionic 3 app ?