Ionic3 w/ New Stripe v3

Anyone else successful with Ionic3 and the new Stripe payment gateway integration?
I’m only using script src=“
calling stripe checkout sessions to get sessionId then passing it to stripe redirectToCheckout.
everything goes smoothly and payment is successful, apparently i get stuck on the successURL redirect. problem is… it is a required parameter. I can’t close this redirect page(because its technically a webpage) to go back to my app.

ps. i am not using ionic-native/stripe plugin as it seems like i am the one whos going to create the credit card form then pass it to stripe. this is bad practice.

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I ran into this issue as well. The solution is to have Ionic communicate with a stand-alone server and have that server make the final transaction.

The Stripe example shows all the code together, but you do need to separate that final call out to a server.

Hope that helps anyone in the future,

@ryanlogsdon Could you explain what you mean in a bit detail.
I have the same issue and I would prefer to use checkout rather than elements if possible.

@calculi Did you try using a deeplink url to open the app again?
I was thinking of doing this.

I got it working by using an Android App link from the success url (new version of deeplinks).
So it returns to the app on success.
The only problem is it leaves the checkout window open in the browser with all the credit card details.
Not ideal.
I guess I could use the success url to go to a success webpage and then open then app automatically from there.

Not an ideal solution. I guess Elements is the best way to go.

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