Ionic Vue: Do you have sample repo for combined side menu and tab?


Do you have any examples of the correct implementation for the combined side menu and tab for Ionic Vue?

example application with side-menu and tabs (

something quick… I thought i had one posted somewhere already

Hi, Aaron, I issued a comment on the repo.

Yeah, that’s really quick. Big thanks for that.

I think the tab should stick at the bottom. Any clicked on the side menu should only do re-routing on the other pages. But the bottom tab should stay there.

You are incorrect… a tab should exist if the component is a child of the tab and the “Other” component is not… I don’t think you understand how tabs and side-menus work by default, i suggest you review the documentation and code.

I think you might be looking for a different pattern, that isn’t standard UI, feel free to code it yourself, but what I have provided is the correct implementation of Tabs with a Side Menu

Yeah I’m still figuring it out the right structure of implementing it for side menu and tab. If this is the way to do it then I should also do it this way.

Thanks for repo, I really appreciate it.

I manage to work it out