Ionic view styles

Hi, i am using ionic view on IOS 7.1.2 and IOS 8.1.3

On my desktop, when i update my, and use gulp sass on the command line (since ionic serve for me doesn’t always automatically pick up changes to my scss) the CSSchanges show fine.

However, using ionic view somehow I don’t get my current CSS changes on IOS 7.1.2. What can be the cause of this and how can I debug this?


How it SHOULD look (I still don’t really know how i can manage different resolutions / DPI with ionic)

How it looks on IOS 8.1.3:

How it looks on IOS 7.2.1:

again, never mind, not related to IOS versions at all. It matters if you ‘sync to latest’ or just ‘clear app data’. Using the last option in Ionic view will not (always) update your app to the latest version.