Ionic View: error status 200

When I use ionic serve --lab in the command,
my app appears fine but when I use ionic view app in my iPhone,
after loading time(too long) , error message appeared in the ‘view app’ button with the message “view error. status: 200”.

How can I solve it?
I’ve removed my app from my dashboard and re-uploaded to dashboard already.


I think this problem is formal…

Can you post a screenshot of the error please?

Thank you for your reply !
But the error message is vanished so quickly so that I cannot capture the screenshot…

The only message I got is this : view error. status: 200

I have the same issue. Did you manage to solve?

Can you show a screenshot of the problem?

Issue solved itself, must have been some temporary service problem. And as choigyumin already said, error was displayed for just a moment, so couldn’t make a screenshot.