Ionic view Error 400 in Android

I recently published an app to share it on Ionic view. On Android it appears on my account apps, but when I click it to open the app, it shows the message “Error 400”.
Tried the same but adding the app using it’s code. Ionic view (Android) shows the app (same code) in 2 lists, My user’s apps, and an All apps list.
When clicking the new item on the All apps list, the app opens without problems (no error 400).

Can’t find where to report Ionic view issues, so that’s why I’m making these posts.
Hope somebody from the Ionic view team can take a look at these issues.

Best regards,
José Ignacio


Just reported the same issue to support! It’s critical now as clients with whom I’ve shared the APP ID with can’t access the thing :disappointed:

Looking forward to getting this resolved

Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

No solution so far here. I am also having the same issue. I hate posting “me too” posts but I wanted to be able to track this post.

If one of you haven’t yet: Report this to support at

Be aware that right now is Thanksgiving in the US though, which is basically a 4 day holiday. So I am not sure if you should expect a response before Monday if you are on the free Pro plan.

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I have the same issue!

I reported this to support, and they have verified it.
be patient, probably wont see any fix till after monday, Thanksgiving and all.

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Thank you for reporting this issue. I’ll be waiting for their fix.


I have the same problem using IonicView in android. It’s not working either in master or production in the APP tab. What I did instead is to turn one of the channel to public in the dashboard

CODE–>Channels–>click Master for example–>Settings -->Make this channel public

then going back to he viewapp input the app id in the VIEW APP tab then click the app name in All App(top most) then it should be working.


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Waiting for the changes

Same issue here. Was able to add app via VIEW APP tab in the interim.

I just checked, and have not heard back on the issue yet. I will post as soon as i hear

Having the same bug. My whole Test-Team on Android is blind for now.

Hope Ionic-Team will fix it soon!

Got this reply from support on the issue:

There is a known issue affecting the View app on Android. The View team is working on the problem. I’ll let you know as soon as I have news on a fix.


Ionic View is working for me again. Check your apps and see if it’s up for you all as well.

I got reply back and tested, I’m not sure it is totally fixed now

try revoke and re add email address.

when I tested at first when i got response from ionic, it got same error, but when I closed them Ionic View App and reopened it, it flashed and I clicked on it and app came up.

I sent feed back, in, so I’m just telling you what I have found

steps I did

1. I went to Apps Dashboard  
2. Opened up Project  
3. Clicked "Share app"  
4. Clicked on 'Production' deploy  
5. revoked email 
6. added email  
7. phone chimed that email came.  
8. (i already have Ionic View installed on the phone (android))  
9. opened email and clicked on blue button "Load in Ionic View"  
10. it loaded the Ionic View  
11. it showed up in APPS and I immediately got "400: Bad Request"
12. re-revoked email again  
13. re-shared to above address  
14. copied the code this time to try the share code  
15. close, Ionic view app.  
16. re-opened app (to put in code) and saw a refresh happen and app blinked.  
17. clicked on app and app loaded.

Hey Ben,

your solution worked for me. I have made it a bit shorter:

  1. Close Ionic View on your mobile device
  2. Opened up Project
  3. Clicked “Share app”
  4. Clicked on ‘Production’ deploy
  5. revoked email
  6. added email
  7. Start Ionic View

Best Wishes

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just now i try again, and this resolve, BRAVO!

Tested again. It is resolved. Thanks!

Tested and worked! :wink: