Ionic View - "Bookmark" shared apps

Hey guys, I’ve been following your progress for the last couple months, and have been thrilled with all the new platform functionality you’ve been releasing lately, and have several apps “in progress” using the Ionic Framework/SDK, so keep up the good work.

This is a feature request for your latest release, Ionic View, not sure if I’m putting it in the right place…

I shared one of my apps with a friend of mine using the Ionic View app, and the first thing we both noticed, and would love to see in a future release, is the ability to keep track of shared apps in the main listing. It’s quite an inconvenience needing to punch in the app code to preview the app, especially when most of the time, I’m sharing progress with non-technical “private beta” users, so just explaining them that they need to download Ionic View to see their app is difficult enough, let alone keeping track of app codes.


I found this post while searching the “proper” way to share my apps with others. By now everyone just typed in my AppID, but I figured this could not be the “proper” way… or could it? Is the only way to share your app with others to have them type in the ID? Or can you, as I thought, grant access to your app and have others select your shared app just as you select your own? If not, I totally second jeremyalan.