Ionic View - App on Google Play Store

Hi ,

Just came across Ionic View app in Google Play Store. []

I am highly interested to use the app to test my projects on my smartphone. But how to proceed ?
Any help ??

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The app is open source. Google drifty you can find it in one of the repos in their account.

Which repository are you referring to?

Please help me understand: how do these repositories relate to Ionic View?

Those links don’t have anything to do with Ionic View.

See this post for more info relating to the Ionic View App.

It would be good to hear some more info on the status of the app and service. It looks like it will be great when it’s finished and working.

Here’s the latest update on the app: The Ionic View app is still in development, and when it’s ready for widespread use, we’ll let you know. Thanks for your patience.

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