Ionic View App first impressions - needs polishing and explanation

First, just started with Ionic a few days ago, and it looks great (coming from Xamarin & Ember).

The ionic-view app (maybe a ionic-view-tag for posts is appropriate) is nice, but at first use I run into some issues.

All this tested on iOS. I did run the app on Android and it looked fine, but could have the same problems as below.

  1. The info page at is too short and misses important information.
  2. I viewed my app with ionic view, and that worked great. But I had no clue how to exit my app. Later I saw in the settings how to exit my app. A better experience would be to display the nice hand-overlay after the first start of a client app, and then ask if this hint should be displayed again or not.
  3. When syncing an app, the version and update information at the top of the details is not updated until you leave the details and reclick the app.
  4. I did upload a updated app that had a new image in the package, but then an image file was not available. I deleted the app from Ionic-view and reinstalled it and then the image was displayed.
  5. As developer I had no clue where to manage users with access and how to revoke access. You might refer to the account when sharing an app by adding something like ‘You can revoke access for this user by going to your user account on
  6. The users that got the invite to test got no clue how to test the app after clicking the invite link. They could see the app and some tabs to manage it. They had no clue that they should download the app from the app-store and then login. I had to tell them until I realised they were looking at a web page instead of the viewer app.
  7. To make some automation possible, also provide an unshare command in the ionic cli.
  8. The former Testflight service had a ‘force update’ option to make sure users could not run outdated versions.