Ionic View Android Gesture Issues


I recently started using Ionic and I cannot seem the get gestures to work when I run the app in Ionic View on Android (Galaxy S6).

The gestures (on-hold, on-swipe-left etc.) work, as expected, on Ionic Serve (in Chrome) and if I load the app in Ionic View on IOS, just not android.

I have not tried an emulator or building the app and copying it to my phone. Wanted to check here first.

Is this just an issue with Ionic View on Android or is there something else going on?

I’ve tested on multiple projects. Even created a blank project with a simple button with the on-hold(alert()) just to make sure I wasn’t making any mistakes in other parts of my code that could cause this issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

I ran the emulator… works as intended.

I install the APK on my phone and it has the same issues and in View.

Any ideas?

This PR just landed and should fix the issue:

I’d recommend checking out master or waiting for the 1.2 release with this fix in it. Thanks for your patience.