ionic-View Android App - 3 Finger swipe Gestures not working


I have testet the Ionic-View Android App on two different Samsung Phones. (Android 6.0.1) with my IONIC 2 RC1 App.

My App is running as expected, but the 3 Finger swipe Gestures for “send app feedback” and “to exit preview” are not working.

On IOS it is working perfectly.

Please fix this issue because my Customers use AndroidPhones and would love to use the Feedback Function.

Thank you.


Wolfgang Becker

Hello. This is probably too late for you, but I’m adding it here in case someone else is looking for the answer: On the devices that the 3 finger swipe isn’t working: Are you logged into Ionic View on that device in an account that has already accepted an invitation to Ionic View? It won’t work unless the device can send data to an account that has accepted an invitation.

Hi, i have testet with a logged in user that has accepted the Invitation already. It looks like the Android app doesnt recognize the three finger Gestures.