Ionic View and InAppBrowser plugin

Hi I’m trying to use Ionic View to test an app that has a couple of InAppBrowser instances.

I can’t get them to work. Is there a known issue?

Any help much appreciated?


This is a limitation of ionic-view.

View cannot use inAppBrowser because that is actually how it loads app previews. So it would be like trying to load an inappbrowser from an inappbrowser… inception!

you insert the “ng-cordova.min.js” which include the infos for inappbrowser plugin?

I like the Inception reference, but that also suggests that it should be possible to layer the Ionic View code’s functionality.

Are you the lead developer for Ionic View?

I’m on Ionic 2, but I think I’ve done all I need to do to include the plugin.

I loaded it using NPM and then I have cordova.js in my index html.

Is there more I need to do?

You don’t happen to know if it’s easy to get an Ionic app working on the PhoneGap Developer app do you?



The reason I ask about the PhoneGap Developer app is that they are clearly doing something very similar to Ionic View. You can give the Phonegap developer app a URL and port number and it will convert that into an app on your device. All the plugins are available.