Ionic 5 HTML5 video remove player controls on iOS

Hello guys, I’m migrating existent ionic app from 3rd to 5th version and trapped into issue below.

I have a page where with help of HTML5 player I play video and when it ends we go to the another page.

Everything is fine (I can’t see video controls and redirect after video ends work) for android and browser platform

But on iOS, if I tap the screen I see controls, also when video ends I should close it manually to make redirect work.

Page html markup with video is very simple

<ion-content forceOverscroll="false">
  <ion-grid style="height: 100%;padding:0;">
    <ion-row style="flex:1;" class="ion-justify-content-center ion-align-items-center">
      <video id="video" [src]="videoPath"
        [style.width]="videoSize.width" [style.height]="videoSize.height"
        [autoplay]="false" playsinline
        [hidden]="!playbackStarted" (ended)="checkEnded('video')"></video>
      <ion-col *ngIf="errorText" size="auto" style="display:flex;flex-direction:column;">
        <div id="error-text" >{{errorText}}</div>
        <ion-button *ngIf="showButton" size="large" strong (touchstart)="abort()">Return to Start</ion-button>

I have tried several solutions like pointer-events: none or

*::-webkit-media-controls-panel {
  display: none!important;
  -webkit-appearance: none;

Guys, what I did wrong? Do you have any ideas how to hide controls on iOS or maybe forbid user interactions during playback and how to close video after playback? Thanks for any help in advance.

Guys, please help. Even transient canvas which overlaps video with higher z-index doesn’t help. What, no one trapped into this spot? Maybe any other video player exists? Please, provide any ideas.

I have tried to play video in debug with ionic 3 and ionic 5 and can say that previously video was played in DOM element video. But in ionic 5, entire page is overlapped with some kind of ios native player and playback with controls goes there, but I didn’t made any changes to the code.

Is any breaking changes related to video playback in ionic 5?

My bad, removed <preference name="AllowInlineMediaPlayback" value="true" /> line from config.xml. Hope it will help someone.