Ionic video capture and playback


Hello Guys,

I am developing an app to capture movements. The idea is to make a sketchbook for dancers by making a library where you can capture your short footage and sort, categorise, name and put notitions. So the interface layout should be a bit like an instagram style but then only video’s.

I was google, search all over youtube but I cannot find any comprehensive guide to achieve that. The closest that I could make is this with pictures. Or making video’s that will save in local storage. But I cannot find way to play it back in the app itself and save it.

Can somebody help me out?

Thanks and regards


Trying to do something similar… More just taking videos of product review, watch uploaded video on the app, and then having the option to upload which will push it to a remote server which will then bring it into the updated view… Anyhoo… Here’s what I’ve found…

Currently pursuing using ionic-native’s wrapper of cordova’s media-capture captureVideo method.
So confused because the documentation is written for Ionic V1/earlyV2 at best and all explaining how to take photos with a slight after-mention that video is also possible without showing how options and data would change.

There are some solutions and more documetation for the outdated cordova plugin that came before media-capture.captureVideo which was simply called capture.captureVideo
on here on stackexchange

In translating old solutions, you may want to also check out Ionic’s extensive pdf for Ionic 1 to Ionic 2 migration which is very helpful.

Will let you know when I find a solution translated to being current from the deprecated documents. :slight_smile: And likewise, if you should find a solution please let me know.


This tutorial is a close potential solution, it does open to take video however the taken video doesn’t seem to upload to phone’s video library… Select does open to video library, works for selecting a video, and automatically plays in the video ionic tag…

So, potential step in the right direction with some of the functionality you want.


I was watching this tutorial too! But maybe there are people who dived deeper in making an app using the media capture function, followed by storing the video in a list/library and create the function to play it back. Anyways thanks for your time