Capacitor/geolocation error on ionic 6

i’m trying to use capacitor/geolocation but on android it says error: package android does not exist import android.Manifest; is there any plugin to use for getting the current location that works well on all platforms? I’ve tried @ionic-native/geolocation it also didn’t work on my devices

Have you added the correct permissions to the androidManifest.xml file? Geolocation Capacitor Plugin API | Capacitor Documentation

yes i have, now i’m using ionic-native version

ionic-native is just a wrapper for cordova plugins, so they can be easily used in ionic apps. With that being said, ionic-native only works with cordova plugins, it does not work with capacitor plugins.

if you google search for ionic geolocation tutorials, you will find plenty of working examples.

Yes i’ve tried all of it, currently ionic-native/geolocation that works so far. capacitor/geolocation always giving me that error although i’ve added the permissions on androidManifest.xml file

You need to show an example of your code. The error you provided states it’s missing the packages in the manifest but you state otherwise.