Ionic v5 Capacitor white screen

As i asked question in Stackoverflow for solution, but still my solution wasn’t available i use android studio 4.2 canary 11 because of AMD processor for using emulator.
Now i tried multiple answers in different forums but in vain no solution helped me out.
My Chrome console doesn’t show errors, here is my screen shot.

As i’m using ionic angular capacitor and i have used.
console.log('dangggggggggggg'); inside initializeApp() and shows me result in the chrome debugger above but in that debugger it doesn’t show any error. Please help as i cannot continue my course if i can’t run my app in android emulator or mobile via usb debugger.

Do you have a sample app that people could inspect? A link to a github repo perhaps?

Yes i have the app i can share it with you.
Ok sure i’ll post it on the github repo and share it with you.

Here is github repo.

thank you will be waiting for the answer.

Your default route redirects to “home”, which is not mapped to anything, ergo white screen.

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Thank you i have changed my home to the page recipes which shows and its working