[ionic-v4] How to use NacController in a modal?


I’m trying to use the NavController in a modal page but without success.
Are there any examples or tutorials that shows this? Should I use something else?

Ok, so I understand that I somehow need to use an ion-nav in a modal. But how do I set this up?

Can you back up and describe what you are really trying to achieve? I can’t think of any good reason for modals to be interacting with routing at all, so maybe there is a more straightforward way to achieve your larger goal.

I actually don’t want to use routing in modals, I just wanted to be able to navigate between pages in a modal page :slight_smile:

As I said I figured out that I should use ion-nav but I didn’t know how. Now I think I’ve got it and put together a small tets project that includes tabs, routing, navcontroller, modalcontroller and ion-nav :slight_smile:

Please check it out and tell me if I’ve got it all wrong! :slight_smile: