Ionic v4 documentation link (and a few starter questions)

  1. Is the current version of ionic v4 documentation available online somewhere? (maybe in a github repo somewhere if not on the site yet?)

  2. I see some tutorials which suggest to include v4 .js file from a CDN and then just use the components which will get lazy loaded. Is there a zip or npm package available that can be used to load the files locally instead of using a CDN?

  3. Can the v4 components be used in an ongoing v3 project without the css/js from both v3 and v4 conflicting? Want to trying using only a few (actually only 1) v4 components but continue using v3 for the rest of the app (this can also be helpful later when v4 is stable, for a phased transition from v3 to v4).

ps. You might want to add a Ionic4 tag in the forum, so that the current Ionic tag can be renamed to v3 later. Just like you did with v1 tag.

For #2, it looks like I can just use @ionic/core from npm.

Still looking for #1 and #3.

Re:3: I’m sure the technical answer is yes, but i wouldn’t want to do it myself, because there would be so many imports with the same/similar names. At least for me, it would be easy to make a dumb mistake that I might need a long time to find.

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