Ionic v4 Alert, Modal, Scroll, etc. definition


In Ionic v4, if I’m not mistaken, components like Alert, Modal etc. have been replaced with their corresponding web components like HTMLIonAlertElement, HTMLIonModalElement

Anyone knows where I could find there typescript definition? For example, what are the options/methods available on an HTMLIonModalElement element?

I tried to find in the Ionic repo, I found no definition


Ok found them in the Ionic definition files but none are exported

or maybe it’s something I should configure in tslint ?


Components/interfaces like Alert, Scroll are still exported but these are not the results anymore of for example an alert creation


 const alert: HTMLIonAlertElement = await this.alertController.create({
        header: 'header',
        buttons: ['ok']

not ok

 const alert: Alert = await this.alertController.create({
        header: 'header',
        buttons: ['ok']