Show Scrollbar in Alert in ionic-v4

How to show scroll bar on alert in ionic v4?

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i did hack but i want permanent solution.

const alert = await this.alertController.create({
    header: 'Info',
    mode: 'md',
    message: '<div style="overflow-y:auto;max-height:240px;">texts</div>',
    buttons: [
        text: 'Close',
        role: 'cancel',
        cssClass: 'secondary',
        handler: (blah) => {
          console.log('Confirm Cancel: blah');
  await alert.present();


how you hack this problem?

Hi, did you find any solution?

IMHO, alerts should be reserved for situations that:

  • need immediate attention
  • are simple, so the user can quickly get back to what they were doing without losing focus

That combination sort of precludes anything that would necessitate a scrollbar, so I don’t think an alert is the appropriate choice. I would use a more generic overlay like a modal.